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                 HotSpot Glue Gun

The Wireless HotSpot Glue Gun is powered by a Makita 14.4V - 18V battery with a recommended capacity of 3Ah or higher.


HotSpot Glue Gun is the most modern and very user-friendly wireless glue gun available on the market. An indispensable PDR tool for Masters of paintless dent repair at all levels of training.The Makita battery is inserted and fixed very easily.

The gun body is lightweight but durable. It is easy and convenient to hold in your hand, ergonomically located control buttons and OLED display. Convenient trigger. The master can use the glue gun with minimal effort.


Fine adjustment of the temperature of the glue ensures work without drip from the nozzle, keeping your work area clean and your hands safe.


When turned on, the set temperature is then displayed on the OLED then the actual glue temperature. After heating to the set temperature, the gun gives an audible signal that it is ready for operation. The temperature of the adhesive can be changed between 100 ° C - 210 ° C.


When the battery is low, the gun emits a double beep several times within one minute and Battery low appears on the OLED display, then the gun turns off. To ensure that the gun turns off correctly, select your battery voltage from the menu to 14.4V or 18V.


The HotSpot Glue Gun, a Makita battery-powered lasts up to 9 hours with an 18V battery and 6Ah capacity.


HotSpot Glue Gun wireless glue gun can work in several modes:


1) Continuous heating until the operating temperature of the adhesive.


2) Operating mode with maintaining the set temperature.


3) Economic sleep mode, during which the temperature drops to 100 °C, and energy consumption is minimized.


All modes can be set in the settings menu. The glue is heated to operating temperature for 2 minutes.



Battery and charger not included !!!





Multifunctional point heating device for body dents correction using PDR technology. Voltage 220v-230v

   HotSpot HS-007P The most modern and technological device presented in the market which allows to cope with dents on a body of the car practically of any complexity.
We are talking about those cases where, in addition to the defect, there is a stretching of the metal.

   Ergonomic design, LED display which displays the operating modes and menu settings.
Comfortable handle with control button provides good maneuverability and excellent access.
The powerful clip provides a secure connection TO the car body without the need to clean the paint.
A variety of nozzles and electrodes provides excellent results.

   HotSpot HS-007P has a number of features and capabilities not available in earlier versions.
The device has the ability to flexibly adjust the minimum and maximum power through the user menu.
Now the Master can configure the device for his own needs
When you turn on the LED display for a few seconds shows the inscription TEST, self-diagnosis of the device, check the internal sensors and network status.Thus eliminating the possibility of spoiling the item.
After that, the device goes into operation and settings.
All settings are stored in non-volatile memory.
The device has a power stabilization function during operation ensuring safe operation even for novice Masters.

   The device for removing dents HotSpot HS-007P-the latest development in the world of deteylinga, a real "must have" every self-respecting Master.
By purchasing this device you get the opportunity to Earn more.
Make the right choice today, and then you can be the first to be able to say to your customers: "We can DO everything!"and this, indeed, will be true!